Desktop, Mobile, PDF, and other ubiquitous signature services, secure and compliant hardware devices, all operations can be audited



Cipher machine that meets the requirements of the National Cryptographic Authority and the People's Bank of China



Cryptographic services use cryptographic machines that have been tested and certified by the National Password Administration to meet compliance requirements

Cross-platform + Multi-mode


Windows、Mac、iOS、 Android’s application and driver signatures; Local、shared、public cloud and private cloud signature

Privatization Service


Support HSM (Hardware Security Module) Support private UKey remote mapping

Signature Audit


Signature activity is visible that ensures accountability and compliance

Graphical + Command Line


Integrate graphics and the command line; Original signature rules; One-Click digital signature

Product Features

  • HSM In Cloud

    HSM in cloud

    In Hardware security module, manage and store key safely and reliably
  • Unified Identity Authentication

    Unified Identity Authentication

    Support LDAP, OAuth internal multiple operations unified identity authentication
  • Privatization Deployment

    Privatization Deployment

    Deploy a complete set of signature system privately, more secure and controllable
  • Remote Certificate Mapping

    Remote Certificate Mapping

    Mapping remote certificate to local for other signing clients to use
  • Seamless Signature Experience

    Seamless Signature Experience

    Perfect combination of desktop client and cloud system,providing secure, fast and convenient signature service
  • Cross-platform Signature

    Cross-platform Signature

    Support multiple file formats, including Windows, Mac/iOS (activated on demand), Android (activated on demand)
  • Batch Signature

    Batch Signature

    Setting up the signature rules, signing a large number of files
  • Signature Audit

    Signature Audit

    Perfect signature audit function and responsibility tracking mechanism, signature process is fully visible
  • Built-in multi-brand timestamp service

    Built-in multi-brand timestamp service

    Provide multi-brand timestamp services, including DigiCert, TrustAsia, Symantec, and specifically, RFC3161 and MS Authenticode
  • Secure login via WebAuthn

    Secure login via WebAuthn

    Support biometric, Log in without a password and avoid the risk of password attack and disclosure

Multi-person signature across regions and departments

VSign solves the problem that multiple regions and multiple departments need to use the same certificate to sign at the same time, not only to protect the security of certificates and private keys, but also all signing activities are traceable to ensure accountability and compliance


Shared certificate for airspace signature

The cloud server implements certificate sharing through tokens. The certificate owner does not need to worry about the security of the certificate, and users who request signatures can experience the non-aware signing service

Business Package

Trial Version Standard Version Professional Version Enterprise Version
Suitable Scene

Experience cloud and Sharing signature services

Small team

Medium team

Large and medium team

Signature Amount 100 Times/month 10,000 Times/month 100,000 Times/month No limit
Operator Amount Number of people using certificates at the same time across regions and departments
1 5 10 According to the need to customize
Local UKEY
Mapping Cloud
Private UKEY are mapped to the cloud to provide signature services
- Support Support Support
Sharing Signature
Temporary sharing local certificates for others to use
Support Support Support Support
Double Signature
Support Support Support Support
WebAuthn / OTP + U2F WebAuthn / OTP + U2F WebAuthn / OTP + U2F WebAuthn / OTP + U2F
PKI Authentication Support Support Support Support
Signature Audit Support Support Support Support
Enterprise Certification
- - - Support
Signature System
Private Deployment
- - - Support
Application Signature
Windows Windows Windows Windows/macOS/
PDF / Office
Document Signature
- - - Support
Graphical Client Support Support Support Support
CMD Client Support Support Support Support
CI / CD - - Support Support
Price Free 1999 CNY/Y
Free trial for 14 days
9999 CNY/Y
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Overlay Package

Signature Times Stack Operator Overlay
When needed Insufficient number of signatures for the original package, temporarily increasing the number of signatures The number of original package operators cannot meet the current needs
Overlay package content 1000 Signatures 5 Operators
Price 99 CNY / Permanent
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159 CNY / M
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